• ORION leverages the latest methodologies and techniques to build diversity.
  • Posting on diversity boards and specialized sites.
  • Mining specialty resume databases.
  • Employing advanced Boolean internet search techniques
  • Mining and participating in professional and diverse networks
  • Monitoring and participating in viral networks and news groups
  • Building online databases

Maintaining Databases

Our sourcing consultants fix outdated contact information and update candidate experience on our existing database. We efficiently manage the data of new candidates while keeping our database accurate and up to date. With regular updates our candidate database is always ready to use when you need it.

Our Efficiency

We have effective process for temporary talent and/or project hiring due to seasonal demands easing burden on clients internal HR team.

ORION approach towards client needs, leads to -"The better we know you – the more successful results will be delivered " in today’s high demand business environment.....