Volume Recruitment

High Volume Candidate Sourcing

Use our Special Volume Sourcing offers to find qualified candidates, score candidates against a set of criteria, pre-screen & vetted candidates, and ensure that you have the information to make the right decision.

We can also generate customized pricing per project or volume hiring.

Volume recruitment is always cost effective, scalable for

  •    BPO hiring
  •    Project-based recruitment
  •    Rapid volume projects
  •    Seasonal hiring

Interim Recruitment

In an environment of ever changing priorities, markets and strategies, flexible talent has become a much valued and utilised resource. From business critical project management to planned absences to free-falling in "as and when" resource, you can rely on ORION’s Interim to engage just the right skills and experience from within its close network of career interims to get the job done – in any sector and in any geography – quickly.

ORION approach towards client needs, leads to -"The better we know you – the more successful results will be delivered " in today’s high demand business environment.....