Permanent Recruitment

ORION’s permanent recruitment service provides clients with the benefit of our considerable technology industry experience, market knowledge and expertise. Whether for a single vacancy or a large-scale recruitment drive, we find the right candidate, with the right skills-set and experience to meet our clients’ permanent position requirements.

ORION has a stringent screening process that ensures only the highest calibre candidates are short-listed.

If you would like any further details concerning our Permanent recruitment process please feel free to contact us at


We present a tight funnel of qualified candidates

We walk the candidate from open recruitment to on-boarding

Headhunting & Global Reach

Working within well-defined niche markets in UK & Europe, ORION have developed a solid track record in identifying and soliciting interest from the industry’s top talent.

Using our team of researchers and network of contacts, ORION will identify and provide the very best available talent and represent your organisation and opportunity to them. Interested applicants are screened at least at 2 levels & by paying attention to their motives for looking to change position and a shortlist is forwarded.

Every assignment is started from scratch. We undertake in-depth research for your role, therefore, ensuring we identify the highest calibre candidates working today.

We will keep you updated about the progress we are making as often as you choose.

ORION approach towards client needs, leads to -"The better we know you – the more successful results will be delivered " in today’s high demand business environment.....